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Introducing Passline

Customizable Online Ticket Store present in
USA, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Sale of Digital Tickets

Modern and secure platform allows you to sell your eTickets both online and in site for all types of events.

Customizable Platform

Manage all the features of your event, information, photos, tickets, vendors, products and much more.

High Quality Validation

Our APP allows you to automate the validation process the day of your event.

Ticketing System

We assist you during the sale of your products and tickets on the day of your event, with real-time reports.

Self-Care Kiosks

Discover today our state of the art self-service kiosks to optimize sales, eliminate lines and reduce staff to sell your products.

24/7 Assistance

We offer a highly trained team to answer any questions or requirements that you may have in order to have a successful event.

Some of our Features

Here we demonstrate some of our features
that will allow you to start selling in minutes and reach a whole new audience.

  • Constantly Improving

    Passline is an online platform dedicated in growing day by day in order to keep event planners satisfied, delivering improvements and innovative solutions to maximize their results.

  • Platform Security

    Secure Platform to sell tickets and merchandise to your events.

  • Send Digital Courtesies

    Create a list and send Courtesy tickets to friends and family.

  • Payment Methods

    Passline has multiple payment methods including, cards, cash, eWallet and more.

  • Start Selling In Minutes

    With Passline you can start selling in minutes, you only need to create your event and tickets and you’re done.

  • Real-Time information

    All the information of your events is reflected in real-time in your account. This may include tickets sold, pricing, times, etc.

Learn About the Future of Validation

We have a highly commited team ready to face new challenges during access situations to your events.

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Discover the new way to sell at your event

With our Self-Service Kiosks or Totems, discover the experience of optimizing all existing security the day of your event.

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Optimize your Sales

We help you in sales to eliminate long lines and optimize the sales of your products.

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